Which One Of Us Is The Mother Now?
Tales From The Nursing Home

Sharon's new show for everyone…
but especially for those who are taking care of an elderly parent…
and trying to do the best they can.

A daughter’s story of love, laughter, and lessons learned; trials, tears, and advocacy

“I attended your program last night and thought it was wonderful. The tale was so true to life. I am a hospice chaplain and have the opportunity to work with many people with this disease. I liked how you took us all on that painful journey from diagnosis to nursing home to hospice to death and beyond. You captivated the audience because in your telling you were so truthful. You ‘could hear a pin drop.’ Keep up the good work. People need to hear this story.”
    —John Welch, Raynham, MA

“I found the program alternately funny and moving—and loved how she took us on the entire journey of caring for her mother. Her impressions of the different staff at the nursing home were wonderful, and made me remember many of the people who cared for my own mother.”
—Marcia Ladd, librarian


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“Sharon's story is deeply personal and universal at the same time. The audience is mesmerized as the people in her story are brought to life by her physicality and voice. The moments in the story are enriched by the details of setting and language. These moments flow smoothly through the year and a half of Sharon's mother's story. Anyone with parents should experience this story--it may help one get through it when the story becomes one's own.”
—Sharon A. Bernard, Director, Fitchburg (MA) Public Library

“It was a special treat having Sharon Kennedy in Middleborough to present her latest show, ‘Which One of us is the Mother Now.’ Sharon weaves a tale of truth, a daughter's saga of turning tables, with touches of tension, apprehension, humor, and magic. We were spellbound and left with sustaining images of the endurance of our connections to one another.”
—Susan Hotchkiss, Director, Council on Aging, Middleborough, MA

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This show is for: And especially for:
Adult children who have parents...
• who are getting a little confused as they grow older
• with Alzheimer’s
• with dementia
• in a nursing home
• in assisted living
• living with them (the offspring)
• living by themselves (with offspring worrying)
• who are uncooperative making decisions especially about any transitions
• who are on (or need to be on) anti-anxiety drugs or drugs for depression
• who are mildly delusional, angry, paranoid
• who may need to be evaluated at the psychiatric ward of a hospital
the son or daughter who is the chief caretaker or advocate
• the son or daughter who doesn’t have much help from other family members (may include real problems within the family)
• the daughter or son who has to make the decision about a nursing home or other facility
• the chief person in charge of quality of life and dignity for her/his parent
• the chief person trying to negotiate various parts of the health care system.
(This ultimately includes figuring out how to get the best from a large number of nurses, medical directors, directors of nursing, nurse practitioners, aides, psychiatrists, OTs and PTs in a nursing home, assisted living place, or any other situation.)
• the person who also needs to work with Hospice.
• the daughter or son who faces death with her/his parent and also has to make all the decisions.
and also for:
those who work with, work at, run, or supervise continuing care facilities, senior centers, assisted living facilities, hospice programs, and nursing and rehab homes and hospitals.

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